(Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer) 

Mr Heili has spent the bulk of his 30-year professional career in the uranium mining industry. He most recently served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ur-Energy, Inc. where he successfully oversaw the design, construction, commissioning and ramp-up of the Lost Creek in-situ uranium project in Wyoming USA. Prior to joining Ur-Energy, Inc., Mr Heili served as Operations Manager of the Christensen/Irigaray in-situ uranium mines in Wyoming and also has experience on conventional uranium mines in Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan Technological University and is a past President of the Uranium Producers of America.

MR David Coyne

(Chief Financial Officer)

Mr Coyne has over 20 years’ experience in the mining, and engineering and construction industries, both within Australia and internationally.  Prior to joining Peninsula, Mr Coyne held senior executive positions with Australian listed companies Macmahon Holdings Limited and VDM Group Limited, and with unlisted global manganese miner Consolidated Minerals.  Over the past 10 years, Mr Coyne has been directly involved in a number of equity and debt raising transactions and has been the project director on a company-wide systems implementation project.  Mr Coyne has previously served on the Board of listed iron ore miner, BC Iron Limited, where he also held the role of Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Wyoming, USA

Mr Ralph Knode

(Chief Executive Officer - Strata Energy Inc)

Mr Knode has over 30 years' experience in uranium exploration, property evaluation, mine construction and mine operations throughout North America, Kazakhstan and Australia.  Prior to joining Peninsula, Mr Knode held senior management positions at Uranium One, most recently as Senior Vice President, Projects.  For over 25 years Mr Knode held various mid level and senior management positions for Cameco's USA subsidiaries Crow Butte Resources and Power Resources and JV Inkai in Kazakhstan.  In these capacities, Mr Knode has been directly involved in the start-up and/or operation of five In Situ Recovery projects on three different continents.


(Vice President of Permitting, Regulatory and Enironmental Compliance, Strata Energy Inc)

Mr Griffin has over 35 years in the nuclear industry including safetly, health, environmental,radiation protection, permitting and regulatory affairs for uranium mining companies, uranium mill decommissioning, federal and commercial environmental reclamation and decommissioning projects, nuclear power plant waste management operations, and naval nuclear propulsion.


(Vice President - Geology, Strata Energy Inc)

Mr Brost is a professional geoligist with over 33 years' ISR-specific experience includes geology management services from development and delineation drilling to wellfield operations, and reclamation.

Mr Jim Guilinger  

(Principal Geological Consultant)

A geologist with more than 31 years in the minerals industry, Mr Jim Guilinger has completed numerous mineral market studies, resource and mining investigations for clients and companies around the world. Prior to forming World Industrial Minerals, Mr Guilinger was Director of Exploration and Development in Mexico for Eldorado, and the mineral arm of Texaco. Mr Guilinger's expertise is in managing precious, base, and uranium minerals projects from early exploration phase through reserve definition to feasibility study preparation.

WWC Engineering

(Mine Permitting Engineers)

WWC Engineering (WWC) was appointed to conduct the mine permitting program at the Lance Projects. WWC is based in Wyoming and specialise in regulatory permitting and ground and surface water hydrology. WWC has over 30 years' experience in all facets of the Wyoming regulatory and permitting process and is already familiar with the Lance Projects having been involved in the rehabilitation of the NuBeth pilot plant at Ross in the 1980s.


(Feasibility, Engineering and Design/Build)

TREC, Inc is a leading US engineering firm in design and construction management of ISR facilities in North America

TREC's recent ISR Uranium Design Experience includes:

Uranium One Moore Ranch Project, Central Processing Plant and redesign for Satellite facility following acquisition of Irigary/Christiansen Ranch facilities

  • Uranium One Irigary/Christensen Ranch restart, design and construction oversight
  • Ur-Energy Lost Creek Project, Central Processing Plant, including ongoing construction support
  • Uranerz Energy Nichols Ranch Project, Central Processing Plant, including construction management support for first ten months of project development
  • Preliminary economic assessments, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for numerous uranium operations in the Western United States

TREC's recent ISR Uranium Construction Experience includes:

  • Cameco North Butte Project, Full-time on-site Construction Safety Management, including contractor coordination
  • Uranerz Energy Nichols Ranch Project, Full-time on-site Construction Management during first ten months of project

Petrotek Engineering Corporation

(Production Engineering and Design)

Petrotek specialise in technical evaluation, permitting and field operations related to injection projects and have been appointed to provide the feasibility study for disposal wells in the Lance Project area. The feasibility study will evaluate subsurface zones for the disposal of fluids from ISR mining and restoration. Petrotek has completed numerous disposal well and related groundwater projects for ISR operations over the past 15 years, including clients such as Crow Butte Resources Inc, Energy Metals/Uranium One, Power Resources Inc, Coleman and UR-Energy.

Thompson and Pugsley, PLLC

(Legal, Permitting, Regulatory Specialists)

Thomson and Puglsy, PLLC has a specialised practice that focuses on the legal and regulatory policy issues associated with radioactive, toxic and hazardous substances that arise under USA federal, state and international laws. Based in Washington DC, the firm's practice covers a full range of transactional, corporate, regulatory, litigation, legislative advocacy services associated with occupational / environmental health and safety and natural resource production. The firm assists clients in developing strategic and tactical planning to navigate the complex and changing legislative and regulatory landscape attendant to their businesses. The firm's broad technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the natural resource, development and production, including uranium recovery, industrial minerals, ceramics, pigment and specialty chemical industries affords clients legal expertise with a ready understanding of their industry, their issues and their needs.



(Chief Executive Officer – South African Operations)

 Mr Bezuidenhout has over 10 years' experience in mining, 9 of which are in uranium. His experience include exploration, property evaluation, mine construction, mine commissioning and mine operations in South and East Africa and Australia. Prior to joining Peninsula, Mr Bezuidenhout held senior management positions at Uranium One, including Vice President Finance for the Africa region and Vice President Business Development of the corporation.

Mr George van der Walt   

(Independent Consultant / Competent Person)

Mr van der Walt has been working in exploration and project management for more than 12 years.  His experience covers Bushveld, rare earths and uranium with some exposure to Witwatersrand gold and industrial minerals.  Mr van der Walt is a director of Geo-Consult International (Pty) Ltd and has been involved in Peninsula's Karoo projects since 2009 and has extensive experience in the Karoo uranium district.